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MEMBERSHIP   -  New members are always welcome - the project needs your support and help

DONATION   -   You may also use this page and the "shopping cart" below just to make a donation, should you not wish to become a member at this time. We are always very grateful for any donation, large or small, as this helps us to progress many of the projects that we have in hand

If you join our scheme your membership subscription would be a valuable source of income to us. It helps to maintain and finance the group and provide funds for the day to day running of the site. It also assists in supporting  various projects initiated for the eventual reinstatement of the buildings and the use of the whole site for the benefit of the local  community.
Benefits of membership are given below
The membership year runs until the end of February.
Membership costs are  shown below.  Members joining after the end of October receive membership  until the end of February in the following year.
Membership Type Subscriptions Per Annum :


(two adults and children under 16 years of age and/or in full time education)

It is very simple!
Choose the Membership and click "Add"
Should  you wish to add a donation choose Donation and click "Add"
Click "Go to Cart" to complete
On the shopping "cart" page select the method of payment required and follow the instructions

£ 25.00
£ 15.00
Select amount as Required
£ 1.00
Total Selected So Far
Amendments can be made on the following page

As a member you are entitled:
  • to be a supporter of the “Friends of the Navigation” by providing much needed monetary assistance
  • to  receive a free copy of the “Navigation News” which is issued directly  to members by email. This newsletter will be published on a regular  basis throughout the year
  • to  volunteer your services either manual or professional. NO SPECIAL SKILLS ARE NEEDED. The Navigation site is, for security reasons, kept locked but our volunteers do attend the site on a regular basis depending on the weather and work to be completed. If required we can always give you information on  current projects and advise just how you can become involved
  • to  attend the meetings held by the Committee. These currently will take place on a bi-monthly basis at a designated venue. The time and date is displayed on the "Meetings" page of this website
  • to  attend the Annual General Meeting, should you wish. At that time you will be invited to vote on any important issues or be involved in the  Election of Officers (Committee) or indeed stand for election to the Committee

The Crumlin Navigation
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